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July is a cold month here in southern Australia!

So, we celebrate with a Christmas in July, there is nothing sillier than a cook creating a complete Christmas dinner with Turkey and Christmas pud in temperatures exceeding 40 degrees centigrade! (plus kitchen heat) in the middle of Australian summer.

The actual day chosen is the closest Saturday to 25th of July (for 2004, that would be 24th of July). All preparations are the same as real Christmas, with the following problems to be overcome; Turkey Foil (it's only available in the extra wide size around Christmas). Christmas Decorations, if you haven't already got your own, you're in big trouble now!

Bon Bons, otherwise known as Christmas Crackers will certainly NOT be in the shops mid-year! Christmas themed paper napkins/serviettes and tablecloths are similarly unavailable. Holly for the pudding, well, if you can find it, it will probably be in a florist. Of course, the same applies to Mistletoe. Suet is EVEN MORE difficult to find at this time of year, at least at real Christmas the butcher looks at you and says "Oh, for the Christmas Pud is it?" then of course, he tells you he doesn't have any........... see my page for suet suppliers around the world.

IMPORTANT: The thirteenth of June is the Sunday six weeks prior to the 2004 mid-year Christmas, and it's my traditional day for making the Christmas Pud. If I haven't updated this page for future years, you take the closest Saturday to 25th of July for your Christmas celebration, and subtract five weeks and six days to give you your "mid-year stir-up Sunday".

I will be adding more info here in the years ahead,

Regards, Paul