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Fried Christmas Pudding?

For Boxing Day, you might want to try leftover Christmas pudding fried! UPDATE: do NOT try this on my recipe, the pudding is so dark it is impossible to see when it is fried and when it is BURNT! try grilling instead, the sugar you put on top indicates when it is re-heated!

Grilled Christmas Pudding! (broiled Christmas Pudding)

A new one on me! but, apparently you can sprinkle the pudding slices with brown sugar and lightly grill them for Boxing Day!
Paul's UPDATE Christmas 2003; I tried this, using icing/confectioners sugar, it gives the slice of pudding a very good caramel type crispy topping.
Just place a thin slice on some baking/silicone paper under the grill, after sieving the sugar in a thin layer, just enough to cover the upper side. Set the grill to low, and when the sugar turns clear, remove and serve with your favourite topping! careful, it may be hot.

 Serve this pudding as petit-fours!

I've been told that you can take the COLD pudding, and with a sharp knife cut it up into small cubes about 25mm square (one inch), and serve as an after dinner treat....
I haven't tried it, anyone will to experiment and let me know via the feedback page?
 I also think it might need some sort of glaze or sauce or something....