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1896: To feed thirty military men.

From: Manual for Army Cooks  Prepared Under The Direction Of The Commissary General Of Subsistence; Published By Authority Of The Secretary Of War For Use In The Army Of The United States. ( 1896)

The ingredients of this pudding, with the exception of the eggs and milk, should be prepared the day before the pudding is to be made.
Two quarts sifted flour; two quarts bread crumbs; four pounds suet, freed from fiber and chopped moderately fine; four pounds raisins, picked, seeded, chopped, and dredged with flour; sixteen eggs, whites and yolks beaten separately; two quarts sweet milk (or equivalent of condensed milk); a fourth of a pound of citron, cut fine and dredged with flour; grated rind of one lemon; two nutmegs, grated; one tablespoonful ground ginger; one tablespoonful ground cinnamon; one teaspoonful ground cloves.
Into a deep pan or dish put the ingredients in the following order, incorporating them thoroughly: First, the beaten yolks of the eggs; then one-half the milk; then the flour, bread crumbs, suet, spices, and lemon rind; then the remainder of the milk, or as much of it as will make a thick batter; then the beaten whites of the eggs; and last the dredged fruit.
Beat the mixture for thirty minutes, put it into the prepared bag or bags, and boil seven hours. Serve hot with sauce.

The above recipe is enough for thirty men.


Sourced by kind permission of "The Old Foodie" click on this link for the entire page of old recipes


1937: From the Bakery Trade.

The Marrickville Margarine Pty.Ltd in N.S.W, Australia marketed their product under the brand name “Pilot Margarine”. One of their marketing tools was a cookbook for the bakery trade, so the quantities of mixture are large. This recipe makes good commercial sense as it very cleverly uses up broken cake.

Christmas Pudding (Using Cake Crumbs).
6 lbs. Cake Crumbs
4 lbs. Flour
1 ½ lbs. Sugar
1 ½ lbs. PILOT Cake Margarine.
2 oz. Baking Powder.
12 Eggs
3 lbs. Raisins
3 lbs. Sultanas
½ lb Peel
½ lb. Currants
2 oz. Mace
Burnt Sugar Colour
Sufficient Milk to make a nice consistency.

Sieve flour, powder, and mace together, then add the crumbs. Cream the Margarine and Sugar well, adding the eggs slowly and also the colour; then add the milk, next the flour, then the fruit.
Measure the mixture into basins, filling them three-quarter full, tie over with greaseproof paper and steam from two to five hours according to size.