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Observations on the "not quite right" Christmas pudding recipes.

  • A pale pudding? Unless it's steamed in a cloth it's a sign of a poor or "light" recipe (or, not steamed for long enough).
  • A recipe that has a large helping of Allspice? A sign of an incorrectly converted english recipe.
  • Claims of a large amount of expansion? Usually a sign of too much rising agent.
  • Less than 12 ingredients? It means some ingredients have been omitted, so has the taste!
  • Less that 5 hours of steaming? It's a quick pudding, no time for the flavours to blend.
  • Large amounts of Jar type fruits? They already contains preservatives, why bother.
  • The word "microwave"? It's not a Christmas pudding, no matter what anyone says.
  • If it doesn't need to rest at least 8 hours before it's cooked, it's lacking the breadcrumbs that give the pudding it's light texture.
  • BROWN or dark brown sugar not specified? Pudding will lack the necessary molasses flavour.
  • Claims the same mixture can be used as a cake or pudding... oh, please!
  • Instructions to use a food processor to chop the fruit... you'll end up with a dull brown mass.
  • Any suggestion you use gravy browning or cocoa powder as an ingredient.
  • Margarine as an ingredient? it has so many chemicals, AND melts at a low tempreture, your pudding will be quite stodgy.