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These explanations of the significance of Holly and the Wooden Spoon were taken, with permission, from the literary liaisons web site, link to the FULL article. http://www.literary-liaisons.com/article016.html


"The most favored plants were all 'magical' because of the mid-winter berries they produced--mistletoe, holly and ivy. The red berry of the holly was believed to protect one against witchcraft. The sprig had to be carried into the house by a male, as the berry is on the 'male' holly plant. One use for holly sprigs was to decorate the Christmas pudding".

"Christmas pudding, made with beef, raisins and prunes, was mixed on Stir-up Sunday, the Sunday before Advent, in order for the mixture to mature. All present in the house took turns stirring the pudding with a wooden spoon (in honor of the Christ child's wooden crib). The stirring had to be done in a clockwise direction for luck".
Permission granted for these quotes from Michelle Jean Hoppe, President, Literary Liaisons, Ltd.