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Suet suppliers around the world

NSW Central Coast;

 Suet is available at Tumbi Meats - Berkeley Vale on the NSW Central Coast. I am about to make your pudding for the umteenth time. The family love it and the sixpences i put in it. Happy Christmas, Trish

 Melbourne, Australia

 Marc  Wrote in Nov 2013:
Hi Paul, Just finished using your Christmas Pudding recipe. Leo's in Kew have suet if any other Victorians are looking for it. Regards Marc

 UK London (shop and online deliveries)


Australia, Perth

 Steve Law-Davies writes; I was passing by the butcher last weekend (mid Jan 2005) and he still had suet for sale so it must be readily available from him. BURRENDAH MEATS 61 Apsley road Willetton 6155 phone 9457 1667


Name: lily j

 Subject: source for suet

 Message: i wanted to let you know i live in the south west of australia - and i brought my suet from Bridgetown Butcher - ask for Greg.. it was CHEAP and lovely quality (220 grams for 30c!!) i cant believe you can still buy things for 30c LOL... have a wonderful christmas!


 Australia, Sydney

 November 2013: Margaret  Wrote:

I just noticed that you have added a page on Suet suppliers. I thought it might be interesting for your readers to know that in Sydney you can buy it at David Jones at Bondi Junction. I am not sure if other DJ's stores have it, but it might be worth a try.


Donna Robinson writes;

I finally found a butcher in Sydney's eastern suburbs that stocks Suet.
Terry Wrights Gourmet Meats, 32 Clovelly Road, Randwick NSW 2031 Phone: 02 9398 7882.
Very helpful and friendly men, best to ring to have some put aside as it goes quite quickly at this time of year.

Hi you can get suet from Stapletons butcher at Gymea, in the Sutherland Shire - a long tradition of fine butchery in southern Sydney.
Also this pudding is well worth the effort - so light, dark, rich & YUMMY. Have been telling lots of people about it. Cynthia

Australia, Melbourne

Hobsons Bay Butchers (confirmed July 2017)
66 Ferguson Street
Williamstown Melbourne
03 9397 6729

Neil’s Meats
Shop 508
Prahran Market Melbourne
Phone 03 9827 6574

Rob’s British Butchers
111 Lonsdale Street,
Dandenong Melbourne
03 9792 5188

(No, can't get it any more) Kirkpatricks
South Melbourne Market
03 9699 2344 (phone first ask for Harry, because they have to order it).

Jonathan's Of Collingwood
122 Smith St Collingwood 3066 Melbourne
(03) 9419 4339
(AU$5 for 500grams, November 2004)
They are a small butcher shop but provide beautiful meats to restaurants.
Thanks to Helen for the entry above

NAME Trudy
MESSAGE There is a stall at Victoria market in Melbourne amongst the meal stalls which specialises in offal and has suet on hand. I have bought mine there the last couple of years - he asks how many kilos you want!

Lorna says;
Suet can also be purchased from Largo Butcher
411 Brunswick St Fitzroy 3065 Melbourne
ph (03) 9417 2689
You may have to order a week in advance, and the bonus is that they put it through the mincer so you don't have to grate it, which is a disgusting job!

Australia, Queensland

Message: Brisbane-suet suppliers
Hypermarket Aspley and Woolworths Strathpine have suet closer to Christmas.

Local butcher at Lawnton will save suet when he gets fresh meat in usually weekly.
Thanks to Gail


Shannon says;

Bob's Quality Meats

11 Makoia Road, Birkenhead, Auckland, New Zealand

PH (09) 480-9526



I'm told.. available anywhere, as it is a basic ingredient for many dishes. However you DO want beef suet for this pudding, not Goat suet !!!!!


Mrs. Kristin Wickersham writes; I Have discovered beef suet can be gotten from Ukrop's grocery in Richmond, Virginia.
Liz Palmo writes; For your suet suppliers list for the US:,
Rife's Market in Columbus, Ohio (They don't even act like it is an odd request!)


Sandra Dumaresq writes;
In the Atlantic Provinces in Canada, suet seems to be quite available at two major supermarket chains.  Sobeys carries suet in their frozen meat section. Currently, their supplier is "Tony's"  at the Antigonish Abattoir Ltd. In Antigonish, Nova Scotia, B2G 2L2, Canada.
The other supermarket chain is Loblaws.  Loblaws uses various store names such as Superstore, Loblaws, Dominion, SaveEasy.  Here in Halifax, they also have Tony's suet in their meat freezer cases. Previously, the supermarkets carried suet produced by Maple Leaf Foods which is a large food producer with plants across the country (principally in Ontario, I think);
I was in another Sobeys supermarket the other day and they had another suet supplier O.H. Armstrong Ltd., Kingston, Nova Scotia, B0P 1RO, Canada.

It has been suggested that if it is necessary to find a substitute for suet, you can take lard, freeze it, and then grate it before putting it into the recipe. The same thing could also be done with vegetable shortening. (this won't however, give you the lighter finish you get with suet)