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Beef Suet


caster sugar

super fine sugar

not as powdery as confectioner's


custard sauce

or sometimes baked custard

golden syrup or treacle

something like corn syrup

but, made with cane sugar


white or golden raisins


Icing sugar

confectioners sugar


unsalted butter

unsalted or sweet butter


self-raising flour

self-rising flour

see emergency recipe in FAQ's

pudding bowl (or basin)

English mixing bowl


candied peel

candied peel

I've been asked this, it IS the same in the US

 Calico    Christine (*@gmail.com) Wrote in 2015:

Hi, I'm looking to get into making Christmas pudding, and I found your amazing site. While glancing at your UK to US conversions page I was surprised not to see "Calico" listed. Here in North America, calico is generally a printed cotton fabric. To the best of my understanding, what the rest of the English-speaking world calls "calico" we call "muslin" (trying to figure out either of those terms is a horrible muddle because they have so many meanings between them).